Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Concept sketches of my telescope

Here are a few concept drawings of the reflector I am planning.

fig 1 Longitudinal section showing the mirror cell and spider.
I plan to make the tube out of fiberglass using an 8" sonotube so that the I.D. is 1/4" larger than the 8" mirror.

fig 2. Exploded view of the mirror cell concept.
The lower ring diameter is 1/8" greater than the diameter of the upper bracket. The lower ring fits the I.D. of the tube.

fig 3. Two concept options for the base.
The base will allow the telescope to travel up and down and side to side. I want to make it a bit more designed than just the 'box' normally used. By cutting numerous plywood blanks to the profile of the base they can be glued together then cut to the finished shape. I will illustrate this in the next entry as well as the lateral movement base concept.

Thanks for reading.

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