Saturday, April 11, 2009

In the begining

Here is my first posting to my new redesigned blog.

I plan on documenting my experiences in a new found interest into astronomy. I have a 60mm Celestron refractor telescope I have recently brought out of moth balls after a few years of forgotten storage.

I have been exploring the night sky down here in Tampa and have been able to see amazing views of the moon and Saturn! Despite my small telescope Saturn has been visible almost all this month and I was able to see it, albeit, tiny.

I recently bought a cheap web cam that I have converted to photograph objects through the telescope. I will be testing it in a few days. In the meantime I will post next how I have converted the web cam. It still remains to be seen if it works.

The majority of this blog will be dedicated to documenting my progress while building an 8" Newtonian reflector telescope. I have been doing alot of research and have just bought an 8" primary mirror and the 1.83" secondary mirror now all I have to do is start building the telescope.

So please join me in this "deep space" journey.

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