Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok, ready or not here I come.

Well, its been a while since I last logged in. I have been slowly but surely getting my woodshop (garage) organized and working. I am pretty much ready to start work in earnest.

The first thing I will do is cut the first, and maybe the second, mirror cell. One of the problems I am trying to figure out is how to do the mirror adjustment screws. The adjustment screws allow for adjusting the of mirror for collimation. Collimation is the procedure by by which the primary mirror is aligned with the secondary and the eye piece. This, of course, is pretty critical for a telescope as you may imagine. The adjusting mechanism provides a way for the primary mirror to be adjusted to be lined up with the secondary.

Below is a concept drawing of the collimation mechanism I am planning on using.

The problem I am facing is the way the screw is attached to the first mirror cell ring, the one the mirror sits on, so that it can turn freely in order to allow adjustment yet be firmly attached to the first mirror cell ring.

The image below shows the adjustment screw, large washer and 'E' clip. I will have to cut grooves on the end of the adjustment screw so the 'E' clips slides into it thereby retaining the washer and still rotate freely. The washer is screwed to the bottom of the first mirror cell within an inset drilled into the mirror cell so the washer and 'E' clip are flush with the bottom face of the mirror cell.

Here is a cut-away view of the adjustment screw

Bellow: Adjusting screw showing grooves for 'E' clips. The 'E' clips hold the washer from the top and the bottom so the adjusting bolt can turn freely.

Thanks for reading!

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Gabriel said...

Hey, cuz, Haven't heard from you in a while. How's the telescope going?