Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Volare, cantare. Tiramisu will make you do that.

Tiramisu. It just makes you want to sing while riding a gondola. And when it is this easy to make you can float down the canals in Venice any time you want, figuratively speaking of course.

This recipe is from the blog, Jo Cooks Amazing Recipes and this recipe for tiramisu lives up to the amazing part. Its amazingly good and amazingly easy! The recipe is Jo's Easy Tiramisu and trust me, it's that easy. Jo Cooks Amazing Recipes is a great food blog. All of her recipes are easy and delicious. You should check out her cinnamon pull apart bread with raisins!!

The hardest part of this recipe is finding the mascarpone cheese, it lives in the exotic cheese section in any supermarket.

The list of ingredients is short and there is no cooking, just a little mixing, brewing, and dipping.

Take a look and be sure to try this delicious dessert. You'll be signing and floating, I promise.

The recipe calls for vanilla extract but I changed up and used almond extract. I think it worked well.
 I also used Organo Gold instant Cafe' Noir, check it out, it's good stuff!

 Three egg yolks, 1/4 cup of sugar and a tsp of almond extract get whipped up till they are frothy and smooth.
 I softened the mascarpone cheese by leaving it at room temperature till it got soft then I stirred it for a bit to get it nice and smooth so that it would fold into the egg/sugar mixture. It ended up a very smooth mixture.
The Organo Gold coffee with a little added 'kick', Colombian rum, just enough to give it a slight punt.

The lady fingers get dipped in the rum coffee. Submerge the lady fingers fully but take out before they disintegrate.

Then they get lined up in an 8x8 pan. The lady fingers are hard but they soften up nicely with the infusion of coffee and rum.You will use about 24 in the whole recipe.

Half the cream is spread over this first layer of lady fingers.

 Pretty, huh?

 Sprinkle cocoa powder and start a new layer of coffee/rum dipped lady fingers.
 The second layer gets the same treatment with the cream.

 The second layer of cream goodness.

 Now its ready for the last sprinkle of cocoa.
 And there is the cocoa powder generously sprinkled over the finished tiramisu. Stick in the fridge for an hour and hum some Italian songs.

After about an hour chilled in the refrigerator... Enjoy!

Now go volare and cantare all over the place.

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