Friday, October 4, 2013

In the tradition of 3.1417

Just when you thought pie could not get any better along comes Jess with another great pie. Jess is the great cook over at Therapy Bread and she has a Swedish apple pie that you got to try.

Its super easy and takes less then 20 min to prepare and just around an hour to bake.

Apples are in season right about now so there should be all kinds of varieties available. I used Granny and Fuji apples from the local supermarket. They had a great selection but the Granny and Fuji just looked so much better and I have used them before.

The recipe can be found over at Therapy Bread with an interesting story behind it so go take a look.

Everybody loved it and best yet; it was easy to make.

Actual eggs from a friends chicken!

I used pastry flour for the crust but I think next time I will follow the recipe closer and used regular flour. The crust was delicious but I am curious to see the difference.

 The house smelled like potpourri all night.

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Jess said...

Looks great!!! I have never tried pastry flour but my guess is that the topping was more crunchy and fragile...? I think with traditional flour you would get a more rustic, chewy (but not too chewy) topping. I'm sure it was quite delicious though! Maybe I'll try with pastry flour sometime to see the difference! Glad you loved it! :)