Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spiced apples over oats. Just like autumn

You can taste Autumn in every bite of this spiced apple and oats breakfast. But it isn't just for breakfast, its a great desert as well.

It features another great recipe from Therapy Bread. And although it is not the easiest recipe, it is fun to make and well worth the effort. Toasting the steal cut oats give it a nutty flavor that is topped off with spicy cinnamon apples.

Light brown sugar, cinnamon, and good old nutmeg brings the smell of Autumn into the house like no ones business. Its like good old pie filing.

The steal cut oats are toasted in butter. The apples would go just as well with regular Quaker oats but toasting the steal cut oats give it a natural nutty flavor that is worth the extra effort.

Once the liquid is absorbed, the oats are ready. And viola!

Its delicious! And though its no where near fall down here in Florida, if you put the air down to about 69 degrees you can pretend. Not really, but you know what I mean. Get to Therapy Bread pronto and try this recipe.


Jess said...

I agree that the steel cut oats are worth the extra effort! But I will admit that I get lazy or am short on time some days so I am sure this will end up being paired with quick oats on some crisp morning lol! Thanks for trying another one of my recipes! Looks mouth-watering!

Newcoach said...

I think that spicy apple would go with lots of things. Mu daughter told me it tasted like the spiced apples at Cracker Barrel. I think as a desert would be great with steak and potatoes.