Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trip to Europe

I am finally closer to a dream I've had for quite a while. Marisabel and I am planning a trip to Spain.

We plan to leave March 1st and return the 8th. I am trying to make it a little longer but we have to think of the kids. They are going to be alone for a week so we are trying to have a friend stay with them while we are gone.

I am planning to visit as many cities as possible but must visit are Madrid, Valencia Barcelona and Segovia. Segovia has the famous castle and the Roman aqueduct which are spectacular; I am dying to see them.

Barcelona looks amazing too. Lots of architecture by Gaudi is everywhere. And of course Madrid has the art museum and palace.

I plan on traveling on trains while I am there but Marisabel has found a great deal with Continental for the flight and a car. But I would love to take the trains.

I hope to write in this blog while traveling and post pictures as well.

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