Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baking an apple pie

I have been trying some recipes recently. I have cooked two interesting past dishes. Both came out really good and were delicious.

Now I want to bake an apple pie. Why an apple pie, you ask? I stumbled upon a really neat baking blog while on Stumble. If you don't stumble yet you should try it!

The blog is called Joy the baker and it has some really good recipes. Plus Joy is really cute. And she explains the recipes in a very casual way. She has a recipe for apple pie that I think I can do. She also has a recipe for a cinnamon break away bread that I want to try one Sunday morning for the family.

So, I will attempt to bake an apple pie in the next few days and report back on its success, because failure is not an option.

Here is what the pie SHOULD look like.

Lets hope mine comes somewhat close to looking like this one.

See you all soon!

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